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Image - Electrical Test Meters and Testers - Martel LC 100 Loop Calibrator
The LC-100 precision loop calibrator from martel gives essentially stretched out execution when contrasted with any focused calibrator. With an exactness of 0.015% of perusing and 0.001 ma determination, the LC-100 circle calibrator has the most elevated precision in its class.
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The Martel Electronics LC-100 gives innivative, capable elements to make your alignment work less demanding. A modest bunch of obviously stamped keys give access to the full usefulness of the unit.To empower remote adjustment of gadgets and procedures, the LC-100 elements programmed STEP and RAMP yield modes, which computerize either a discrete 4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4 mA step yield, or two velocities of a direct 4-20-4 mA slope yield, individually. At least one straightforward pushes of the AUTO key (1) are all that are expected to get to this efficient function

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