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Image -  Electrical Test Meters and Testers - All-Test Pro 31 Motor Tester
The hand-held All-test pro 31 (AT31) is an incredible investigating device that will test a wide assortment of engines and transformers. The AT31 will discover winding issues, for example, swing to turn and curl to loop, alongside grounded winding. The rotor test helps you distinguish rotor issues, for example, broken rotor bars and unpredictability.
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In a sound 3-stage engine, the windings are electrically "adjusted". These adjusted electrical qualities incorporate latent properties, for example, resistance, and dynamic properties, for example, inductive reactance and impedance. As shortcomings create, at least one of these electrical properties will change, contingent upon the sort and extent of the fault.ALL-TEST PRO® 31 is one of a kind in that it plays out a progression of impedance-based tests, (stage edge, impedance, and a current/recurrence proportion) on each winding. These estimations and their adjust over the three stages give an unmistakable photo of the state of the engine circuit. This test and investigation strategy will rapidly demonstrate the nearness of a blame, even at its soonest organizes. The tests are preformed at low AC voltages, so there is no worry to the windings.

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