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Image -  Electrical Test Meters and Testers - All-Test IV Pro Motor Test System
The handheld All-test IV pro (ATIV) is a magnificent systematic instrument for distinguishing and drifting potential twisting flaws in AC and DC engines, transformers (dissemination and transmission), generators, alternators, and different gadgets with windings. The ATIV is likewise utilized for de-stimulated rotor testing for issues, for example, whimsy, broken/cracked rotor bars, and throwing voids
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The ALL-TEST IV Pro is anything but difficult to utilize. On-screen prompts walk you through the computerized engine test standard, all estimation results are shown for quick assessment. Results can be spared and transferred into friend programming for robotized diagnostics and additionally inclining and revealing. A solitary two moment test can demonstrate poor associations, winding deficiencies, sullied or overheated protection, grounded windings, or an engine that is fit as a fiddle. Extra tests can pinpoint rotor flaws, unpredictable air hole, link shortcomings and the sky is the limit from there

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